Finding the right candidates for your available positions is essential in today’s economy. The cost of employing the wrong person can disrupt your business financially as well as negatively affecting morale and productivity. Ensuring the right candidate is selected can be time consuming and take away from all the other day-to-day business responsibilities.

1. Recruiters can find the best Talent

Qualified recruiters know where to look for the right candidates for a position and they understand how to source both active and passive candidates.

2. Recruiters understand the market

Because of their experience with many companies and candidates, a skilled recruiter can spot an ideal candidate. Recruiters meet with hiring managers to get the full picture of what they are looking for. A recruiter will be able to help define the scope of the position, determine the best culture fit, and set realistic expectations on the availability of candidates in the market.

3. Recruiters save you time and money

Reviewing resumes and conducting interviews is extremely time-consuming for hiring managers, and therefore a recruiter will take care of all the initial interviewing and screening process to better understand the candidate’s skills and experience.

If the candidate’s skills and experience matches those of the position(s) being recruited for, a pre-interview is scheduled to match them further to the the client(s) requirements and culture. This pre-client interview allows them to focus on the best talent for the position, thus also eliminating the need for less time and money training new hires.

4. Recruiters can fill roles in less time

Keeping a position open is costly and reduces productivity within an organization. If a position goes unfilled for a long period of time, the duties and responsibilities of the position are either being ignored or passed on to another employee, making it more difficult for them to focus on their own role. Recruiters are able to dedicate 100% of their time identifying qualified candidates and getting them through the interview process, meaning they can fill roles in less time than hiring managers who have other responsibilities.

5. Recruiters know how to communicate with candidates

Recruiters are excellent communicators. They are able to talk to candidates about their resumes and backgrounds while detecting red flags and asking the right questions to determine a candidate’s motivation and what they would need in order to consider making a move.

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