1. The role of the CTO is somewhat broad and will encompass the following domains:

  • Managing the development teams under the team leader
  • Managing the technical operations under the team leader
  • Managing the client operations under the team leader
  • Managing the product insights under the team leader
  • Managing the technical R&D under the team leader
  • Managing the product development direction under the team leader
  • Where appropriate interacting with clients on very technical aspects of projects, thereby
    assisting the head of professional services
  • The role is a technical management role and requires a particular focus on the content of
    technical delivery
  • Providing guidance on the technical strategy of the company
  • Providing input on the product direction by soliciting input from various stakeholders across the
  • Ensuring that the right architectural choices are made i.t.o the production direction
  • Taking ownership of the security of the platform
  • Conducting technical planning and roadmap timelines for the technical areas
  • Determining the optimal strategy for the products insights, technical operations, client support
  • Providing input on the methodologies to be used within the company for project delivery
  • Managing the costs and value delivery of the technical areas
  • Co-ordinating with the various stakeholders, managing issues and ensuring alignment across
    the various outsource partners providing services to the client.
  • Motivating and guiding the resources within the team and taking day to day responsibility for the staff
  • Ensuring the quality of delivery
  • Co-ordinating within the company in order to support the programmes as well as ensuring process integration into the company.

2. Responsibility Areas:
In addition, the above elements, the following key components will make up the job responsibilities of
the CTO:


  • The CTO will be required to interact with the management and staff of the company and clients
    and suppliers
  • The CTO will be required to ensure practical implementation of any initiatives that are identified The CTO will be required to liaise with the team leaders of the areas and the project delivery teams

Technical Guidance

  • The individual will must be able to ensure that technical considerations are taken into account.
  • A technical understanding is critical in terms of evaluating the technical choices across the

Staff Management

  • They will be responsible for the performance management of the individuals in the context of the client engagement
  • They will be responsible for the motivation of the staff
  • The CTO will be responsible for guiding the mentoring the staff in their team
  • The CTO will be responsible for the development of staff in their area
  • The CTO will be required to obtain a solid understanding of the underlying business, which they
  • The CTO must be able to co-ordinate large teams of people and ensure alignment around a
    common goal
  • The individual will be required drive the assembly of business cases based benefit models
  • The individual will be required to help define and form the methodology required for the
    implementation. They will also be required to ensure it proper implementation
  • The CTO will be required to ensure that testing is appropriately conducted
  • The CTO will be required to fill any gaps in the team which may have and thus do any detailed
    work required.

3. Skill Sets
The following key skill sets will be required:

  • The ability to cultivate a vision, ensure appropriate communication of this vision and then
    alignment and motivation to this vision including the interim goals to meet this vision
  • The ability to facilitate workshops and extract the various business requirements;
  • The ability to manage large projects with a large systems development aspect;
  • A strong operational aptitude and the ability to ensure a “wow” customer service experience
    across channels.
  • A solid understanding of the possibilities and application of technology (particularly the
    technology in use within the company) as well as the pros and cons of technology;
  • The person will require solid communication skills in both the written and verbal form;
  • Very strong program and project management
  • They need to have very strong analytics skills and ideally exposure to machine learning
  • The individual will be required to have a solid understanding of Customer Experience
    Management, and potential customer journey optimisation and its implementation

The candidate will need solid experience in the following technologies and practices:

  • .NET C# and Entity Framework
  • Angular JS, Javascript, jQuery
  • SOAP XML Web Service, Json WebAPI
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012+
  • MongoDB and NoSQL principles
  • Message Queuing Architectures
  • Windows services and multithreaded scenarios
  • Design patterns and S.O.L.I.D. principles
  • Agile software development methodologies
  • Strong understanding of object-orientated principles and practical implementation
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment tools (TeamCity, Bamboo, Jenkins, etc)
  • Logging and monitoring products (Nagios, New Relic, etc)
  • Azure and related virtualization technologies
  • Certificate security, web security, VPNs and related network security practices
  • Source control (Bitbucket, Git, etc) and related practices
  • Knowledge management tools such as wikis and document sharing

4. Disposition
The following key personal traits must be inherent in the individual:

  • A drive to get things done, irrespective of obstacles (of which there are many). They need to
    carefully balance flexibility with the ability to stay on course to bigger goals
  • The individual must deliver on commitments in a timely manner. They must also ensure a strong
    attention to detail
  • An ability to see possibilities beyond the obvious. Innovation is a key dimension. Equally key will
    be to drive innovation out of the team members
  • The ability to deal with complexity and ambiguity and migrate between detail and high level
  • The individual will be required to build and motivate strong teams and ensure interactions
    between the members of the team
  • They must have a pride in their work and a desire to deliver perfection at all times
  • They must have a passion for doing new and innovative things and ensuring delivery to final
  • The individual must have a strong desire for self-learning
  • Active reading of business press and subject matter will be required

5. Training Requirements
The following formal training will be required:
One of the following degrees:
BSc, Bsc Eng, Bus Science, Computer Science

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