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Project Manager Scorecard Job Description


The PM sits between the client and the development team, and owns the project plan. The PM is measured on his/her ability to build relationships, communicate and manage expectations to run successful projects. Project success is not only measured with project KPIs but also how successful it is to roll onto continuous managed service agreements with clients. 

The PM role has a ‘scrum master’ look and feel, with relationships at the forefront, as opposed to traditional command and control, process-heavy project management. 

Key stats for projects:

  • Average duration 8 weeks.
  • 4 projects concurrently
  • 3-5 stakeholders per project (Architect, Developers, Product Owner, Client’s PM & Project Sponsor)
  • Average delivery team size: 3-4

Key Deliverables 

  • Management satisfaction rating of 90%
    1. Internal rating by management on the overall project success – influenced by the specific objectives of the project in relation to the business objectives for the client’s account. E.g. a well delivered POC for a high potential new account.
      (This may offset weaker ratings for timing, scope and budget KPI’s)
      (The weighting may be increased to give this outcome more importance) 
  • Client satisfaction rating of 90%
    1. Focuses on managing expectations, good communication and handling scope/requirement changes well.
  • Collaboration with the delivery team, rating of 90% from manager
    1. Embody the scrum master approach: “How can I help you?”
    2. Obtain all work-related feedback for reporting – accurately and on time.
    3. Get buy-in/sell scope changes to the team
    4. Drive results / get buy-in for extra effort when needed to deliver 
    5. Provide assistance / facilitate client communication
  • Delivery on-scope
    1. Actual delivery against approved scope.
      Includes ‘accuracy’ and ‘quality’ components of scope.
      In case of scope changes – requires complete approvals of change requests
  • Delivery on-budget
    1. Actual delivery against approved budget
      In case of changes affecting budget – requires approvals for budget change 
  • Delivery on-time
    1. Actual delivery against an approved timeline
      In case of changes affecting timeline– requires approvals for timeline change 
  • Project administration reporting
    1. Project administration and system updates ( etc.) – 100% accurate, up to date – all the time.
    2. Great looking reporting to all stakeholders in various levels of detail with graphs, flows etc. – 100% accurate, on-time, right level of detail, great forma/design


  • Unlikely to be from large corporate/financial institution
  • Understand large client project management
  • Not keen on process-heavy, rule-based PM
  • Loves and applies an Agile, Scrum Master, ‘relationship’, ‘servant based, ‘facilitative’ approach
  • Comfortable with PM tools and technology
  • Comfortable with AI/Tech/Development projects

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