National Business Development Manager

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National Business Development Manager– Job Description 

Job Summary 

The person in the position of National Business Development Manager: Corporate (NBDM) is  responsible for leading a group of: 

  • Campus Business Development Managers (CBDM) – Direct 
  • Corporate & Part-time Sales Consultants (SC) – Indirect 
  • National Sales Centre Team Leader (NSCTL) – Direct 
  • National Sale Centre Consultants (NSCC) – Indirect 

This position is responsible to meet or exceed company goals for profitable revenue growth. The  NBDM will provide management direction to the team, and will manage relationships with other  staff functions to ensure appropriate resources are available and focused to support selling  objectives.  

Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Create and implement effective direct sales strategies and lead nationwide direct sales  personnel toward achievement of sales objectives.  
  • Select, develop, and coach a sales team to meet or exceed specific goals for profitable  revenue growth.  
  • Develop and implement annual sales plans.  
  • Implement the company’s sales process to establish a culture of consultative selling to  customer’s decision-makers at all levels.  
  • Pursue identified business prospects, participating actively in the planning and sales process  for new opportunities. 
  • Collaborate with Marketing Manager and Corporate Sales Director to define overall sales  strategy, and to develop products and solutions responsive to the customer’s business. 
  • Apply research insights and to propose compelling advertising solutions.  
  • Coach CBDM’s to build effective staff relationships that enable them to respond quickly to  emerging customer opportunities, and provide for seamless execution of the company’s  business processes that exceed customer expectations.  
  • Establish a planned program for sales coaching, working with CBDM, SC, NSCTL & NSCC on  all aspects of the sales process. Makes coaching sales calls with CBDM, SC, NSCTL & NSCC to  provide feedback, and to assist with opportunities. Travels when required to meet CBDM,  SC, NSCTL & NSCC and coach in the field.  
  • Perform all other duties as required to maintain and grow profitable business within the part  time division.  
  • Develop competencies and processes required to create an effective and efficient sales  organization.  
  • Provide leadership through effective communication of vision, active coaching and  development while comparing sales results to goals and taking appropriate action to correct  when necessary.  
  • Provide proposals to the Corporate Sales Director for sales management, budget control,  compensation programs and incentive planning.  
  • Approve all compensation programs & Incentives 
  • Ensure effective hiring (together with CBDM & NSCTL), orientation, training, development  and retention of sales and clinical education staff.  
  • Provide supervision through field visits, observations and measurement of results to include  performance appraisals and salary reviews.  
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual sales forecasts.  
  • Manage to meet/exceed monthly, quarterly and annual sales forecasts.  
  • Establish effective relationships and collaborations with other departments (Marketing,  Finance, Customer Service, etc.) to address key business issues and opportunities.  
  • Maintain competitive knowledge to create and adjust sales strategies. 
  • Attend meetings, seminars, and conferences as appropriate.  
  • Plan and utilize Career & Learnership facilitators effectively in collaboration with Academic  team 
  • Promote class filling strategies in conjunction with marketing team, CBDM & NSCTL


  • 10 years sales management of a business unit 


  • Time Management 
  • Computer literacy 
  • Knowledge of SAQA and related Acts 
  • Conflict Management 
  • Customer focus 
  • Administrative skills 
  • Query resolution 
  • Good communication skills 
  • Report writing skills 
  • Sales and Marketing experience

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