The best recruitment company in South Africa.

JCM Consultants, a Connector of People, offers you flexible staffing solutions consistent of permanent placements, contracting placements or an outsourced approach. We are a professional recruitment team and can therefore assist you with all and any of your recruitment needs. Our goal is to find the perfect match between our clients’ context, strategy and evolution and those of the candidates. we are dedicated to help your company find and manage the expert talent that you need to succeed in increasingly competitive markets.

We are a recruitment company with a strong philosophy founded on the belief that our clients achieve the best performance when they are operated by the right people, with the right knowledge and the right skills. Our skilled recruiting team, strive to deliver the desired results for your business each and every time.

Our recruiters will provide you with a high level of service. We’re dedicated to sourcing the most skilled individuals to meet the needs of our clients. We take pride in striving for excellence as well as the relationships we create between candidates and employers.

JCM Consultants isn’t just any recruitment company. We truly believe in the significance of people, and work hard to make sure both clients and employees are happy with their placement.

Companies we have recruited for

Time Data Sequel


Exceptional candidates coupled with affordable rates and fast, efficient service, make JCM Consulting the company of choice for all our recruitment needs.

Blue Monday


As a company heavily reliant on quality consulting staff, we know what a dependable recruitment company means and all these qualities can be found in the operations of JCM. We have been working with them since 2014 and have appreciated their effort and time in understanding our recruitment needs.

Beesa Group


JCM Consulting provides good quality candidates that meet the requirement and criteria of the job specification and role. In addition the efficiency and turn around time is very good.